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Are you an employer wanting to highlight your tuition reimbursement benefit?-- or create one? Then you are part of a wise and elite group. Apples to apples, it's approximately 70% more cost effective to have part-time employees working the same hours as full-time employees; obviously, you would likely only hire part-time employees for clerical, administrative and entry level work.

Employer costs for employee compensation averaged $30.40 per hour worked in March, 2010. For the same hours worked (40) as a full-time employee, two part-time workers paid $9/hour would cost you a net $18,000 (this includes a 12% cushion for legally required benefits); or should I say saved you $42,800 ($60,800-$18,000): (2000 hours * $30.40/hour) - (2000 hours * $9/hour).

Providing part-time employees (students) $2,000-$5,000/year of tuition reimbursement (TR) is not only a smart financial move, but it also provides you an insider look to a hungry generation of employees (remember, these students need TR to pay their tuition), who could soon become full time employees.


Are you associated with a foundation that wants to highlight your scholarship? We often meet with foundations and find that behind an exceptional heart and mission, there lay a barrier in getting the right scholarship applicants to properly submit their application. Nothing is more frustrating than having the means but not the conduit to identify, contact and award scholarships to the right student. Save your administrative costs and headaches for something else and let All In Education help you further your mission and the lives of the students you seek, by highlighting your scholarships to those who fit your criteria.


Are you a donor? Do you want to make a tangible, compounding and long lasting difference in the lives of high school and college students? In the same way we show students how to multiply their financial resources, we multiply your contributions. Through The Giving University- a 501(c)(3)- we have established the 10 Talents Fund. All In Education (AIE) only works with students committed to going/staying in college. AIE believes that a person can only be taught to fish if he or she understands why it is important to learn. We only work with committed students and bestow a "real-world" knowledge in personal finance. By materializing that knowledge into financial resources for students, they will need far less financial assistance than their peers. For donors, the same dollar contribution affects many more lives of committed students in their pursuit of higher education. In short, instead of handing $10,000 to a student without a personal investment to send them to college, The 10 Talents Fund only grants scholarships to students with a true desire to learn, persist, and help themselves through a personal commitment.

If you are an individual donor, foundation or organization that wants to see your contributions literally change the face of a generation – a change that we believe will lead to future economic success – we welcome your support.

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Are You a Student?

If you are anxious about getting into one of your top colleges, having money in college, paying for college or being successful in life, you need to connect with us. Success breeds success; it's as easy as that. AIE is comprised of ultra-successful 20-somethings, and our sole focus is making you an ultra-successful 20-something, by giving you our secrets and actionable solutions to your problems.

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Are You a Parent?

If you belong to the unspoken club of clueless parents, raise your hand! Don't be embarrassed; the college process is an ever-evolving mess, riddled with so-called "experts" providing even more confusion. Even if you can afford it, why pay retail for something you can get wholesale? Regardless of your income level, your student can get Free Money for college and save you tens of thousands of dollars in college tuition.

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Are You an Administrator?

Increased retention, graduation rates and revenues: that's what you want. What would the financial impact to your institution be if you could retain those students that drop out due to finances? Through AIE's customized designs, money is no longer an issue for your students and their families, thereby increasing both retention and graduation rates, which immediately and sustainably increase revenues.

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Are You Press?

You want a story that's fresh, newsworthy and for once has a happy ending, right? You just might find our bucking the trend of college drop-outs, re-stimulating the economy through never-before heard of financial resources and the creation of an entirely new industry an appetizing story... but that's just a guess.

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