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About AIE
AIE Overview

Effective financial education in our country has been virtually nonexistent for the past two decades, evident by the worst economy since the great depression. What's more, not only is higher education failing to address this problem, it is actually perpetuating it. One in two students drop out of college. That is why All In Education (AIE) was created- to provide practical, financial and business life-skills, linked to tangible resources that generate instant and on-going success. By merging financial education with financial resources, knowledge becomes more than theory: it becomes real.

We have literally created a new industry. Through untapped resources and aligning the benefits of Fortune 1000 companies and "Backyard Benefaction", we have pooled over 200 million dollars in "Free Money" that students can easily access to pay for college. For the university, it means an instant and sustainable increase in student retention, financial literacy, graduation rates and millions of dollars to the bottom-line. For the high school, it means effective education and the maximum numbers of college-bound grads. For students and parents, it means the personal attention they need and the financial resources they can't get anywhere else.

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Why AIE?

Because AIE DOES while everyone else talks. Because instead of pointing to the economy, to this generation, to any other excuse as to why students are not going to or staying in college, we have created a new industry that helps everyone-- no matter your race, income, area of study, etc. Because the college process shouldn't be scary, difficult or financed. Because it's time to change the way you think about college and success.

Are You a Student?

If you are anxious about getting into one of your top colleges, having money in college, paying for college or being successful in life, you need to connect with us. Success breeds success; it's as easy as that. AIE is comprised of ultra-successful 20-somethings, and our sole focus is making you an ultra-successful 20-something, by giving you our secrets and actionable solutions to your problems.

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Are You a Parent?

If you belong to the unspoken club of clueless parents, raise your hand! Don't be embarrassed; the college process is an ever-evolving mess, riddled with so-called "experts" providing even more confusion. Even if you can afford it, why pay retail for something you can get wholesale? Regardless of your income level, your student can get Free Money for college and save you tens of thousands of dollars in college tuition.

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Are You an Administrator?

Increased retention, graduation rates and revenues: that's what you want. What would the financial impact to your institution be if you could retain those students that drop out due to finances? Through AIE's customized designs, money is no longer an issue for your students and their families, thereby increasing both retention and graduation rates, which immediately and sustainably increase revenues.

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Are You Press?

You want a story that's fresh, newsworthy and for once has a happy ending, right? You just might find our bucking the trend of college drop-outs, re-stimulating the economy through never-before heard of financial resources and the creation of an entirely new industry an appetizing story... but that's just a guess.

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