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Kyle Shelley, Founder of ALL IN EDUCATION

Every stage of Kyle's professional experience prior to founding AIE has been instrumental in understanding how success is created, fueled and sustained. After majoring in International Business and Marketing at Colorado State University, Kyle entered banking with an artful flair for bestowing knowledge to clients. Taking his ability to "coach" and an entrepreneurial mindset to the world of money, Kyle (age 25) left his position as Partner at First City Financial to take the "creme de la creme" position as Vice President of Cannon Financial Institute (CFI). As the youngest Vice President in the history of CFI, Kyle trained the "best of the best" in wealth management, educating and empowering executives at top financial firms including:

    • Goldman Sachs
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Merrill Lynch
    • Credit Suisse
    • BNY Mellon
    • HSBC
    • Wachovia
    • Wells Fargo
    • Bank of America
Kyle Motivational Speaker

When asked about achieving success at such a young age, Kyle says "It didn't come from my brains, that's for sure. Like anything in life, my success came from understanding my 'brand' and how to articulate that brand to convey its value for others when opportunities arose."

Prior to creating All In Education, Kyle witnessed two things dwindling with today's youth: 1) confidence in who they are and who they can become and 2) a true understanding of money. "If you understand those two fundamental 'secrets', whatever you want is yours," says Kyle. But he wasn't ready to take on the challenge of reversing that trend for students... not just yet, anyway. After resigning from CFI, Kyle moved to California and, as Partner and Vice President of AutoSmart Technologies, helped launch one of the first mobile applications in the automotive industry.

In serendipitous fashion, Kyle met Katy Lander who, at the time, worked as an Admissions counselor for Azusa Pacific University. Through Katy's in-depth understanding of college admissions and the financial hoops many families face, Kyle's inclinations were soon affirmed. A simple truth was revealed: gaining college acceptance has become a nerve-wracking nightmare, second only to paying for college. Kyle's philosophy is that a student's GPA, major and/or degree are a good start, but "without understanding your brand and real-world money, students will never be truly successful." So, the backdrop was set. The goal? To relieve the stress of the college process and to create financially solvent students for college and life success.

"They don't know it yet, but that's really what students and parents want and what our economy needs, which is exactly what we're going to give them."

Katy Lander, Co-founder of ALL IN EDUCATION

Katy Lander Motivational Speaker

Katy, a world traveler who jokingly referred to herself as Magellan during adventures abroad, enjoys discovering more than countries and cultures. A teacher at heart, she has a special passion for traversing uncharted territory in search of a better way to do things. Through her time in the classroom and development of several original curriculums, her efforts to provide her students with relevant, interactive learning generated record-breaking results. With a desire to bring similar impact to the world of higher education, she accepted a position as an Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at Azusa Pacific University, her alma mater. There she committed herself to understanding the inner-workings of one of America's best private universities. Passionate about education and the institution for which she worked, she recruited the largest class in APU history and more than doubled the number of applicants ever recruited by a single counselor. Her strategy? She didn't just highlight the reason APU is an incredible institution. No, she quickly realized EVERY family, irrespective of their income, socio-economic status, or parental education, was asking the same question: How can we pay for this? Having achieved over $80,000 herself to pay for her private college education and having graduated without a dime of debt, she offered her prospective students real resources that PAY for college. "I looked around and saw high school counselors who were helping students apply to college, an admissions department that sold them on the college and "helped" them complete the admissions process, and a financial aid department that awarded them loan options and institutional aid. Everyone was helping them get in but no one was able to answer their most important question, how do we pay for this?" Katy remembers. "I saw families sold on the value and investment of higher education who were willing to do anything- even sell their homes! - to give Timmy a quality education... one that, unbenounced to them, would leave him buried in debt and incapable of actually fulfilling his dream of starting a business, nonprofit organization or going into social work. Instead, he'd have to take a job in a cubicle that paid him enough to service his loan repayments."

When Katy met Kyle, one fateful afternoon, his knowledge of the debt-trend and desire to supplement non-existent financial education for young adults and her experience in uncovering viable sources of funding for education aligned perfectly. In no time at all, All In Education was born. Since then, what began as financial education and resources to pay for college, has developed into a comprehensive design that provides young adults essential tools for life-long success so that, after they graduate debt-free, they have the skills they need -untaught in the classroom but essential in life- to achieve their goals and their life-purpose, whatever that might be.

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Why AIE?

Because AIE DOES while everyone else talks. Because instead of pointing to the economy, to this generation, to any other excuse as to why students are not going to or staying in college, we have created a new industry that helps everyone-- no matter your race, income, area of study, etc. Because the college process shouldn't be scary, difficult or financed. Because it's time to change the way you think about college and success.

Are You a Student?

If you are anxious about getting into one of your top colleges, having money in college, paying for college or being successful in life, you need to connect with us. Success breeds success; it's as easy as that. AIE is comprised of ultra-successful 20-somethings, and our sole focus is making you an ultra-successful 20-something, by giving you our secrets and actionable solutions to your problems.

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Are You a Parent?

If you belong to the unspoken club of clueless parents, raise your hand! Don't be embarrassed; the college process is an ever-evolving mess, riddled with so-called "experts" providing even more confusion. Even if you can afford it, why pay retail for something you can get wholesale? Regardless of your income level, your student can get Free Money for college and save you tens of thousands of dollars in college tuition.

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Are You an Administrator?

Increased retention, graduation rates and revenues: that's what you want. What would the financial impact to your institution be if you could retain those students that drop out due to finances? Through AIE's customized designs, money is no longer an issue for your students and their families, thereby increasing both retention and graduation rates, which immediately and sustainably increase revenues.

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Are You Press?

You want a story that's fresh, newsworthy and for once has a happy ending, right? You just might find our bucking the trend of college drop-outs, re-stimulating the economy through never-before heard of financial resources and the creation of an entirely new industry an appetizing story... but that's just a guess.

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