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Educational Self Study Package

"Very enlightening! These financial issues have always been so intimidating to me, so I felt far more empowered after attending this intensive.  Also, I felt encouraged by the tangible steps I was provided to improve my financial life."

Brianne Lephron, Fuller Seminary Graduate Student
College Fusion

There's a lot to navigate in the college process- from getting accepted to confusing paperwork, gathering documents and figuring out how to pay for everything. There are a lot of you who will get confusing, bad or no advice about your future.... trust us on this (sad, but true). You want to get into certain colleges, be successful in college and have someone else pay your tuition...right? Good, that's why we created the step-by-step Self-Study that gives you:

  • Insider secrets to gaining college acceptance
  • Our groundbreaking, $200 million dollar Private Network of regional scholarships & Tuition Reimbursement
  • "Real-world" knowledge to personal finance
  • Free College Credits
  • An online bank of innovative, straight-forward, and practical financial resources
Why Self Study?

Our Self-Study was designed to accomplish our mission of providing financial education and resources to every student and family in America. Our hands-on designs, AIE-U™ and College Fusion™ have been so successful and have impacted the lives of those who have participated so much so that we decided to take our proven techniques and insider-secrets and make them available to everyone! This Self-Study guide is the next best thing to having the College Success Experts personally walk you through this design. Every action is as simple as possible. Every video is as short as possible. Every resource is as clear as possible, so you can be as successful as possible. We have done all the work so you don't have to. We know both college and finances can be hard to navigate- and we know there is a TON of bad information out there! For that reason, our Self-Study guides are completely comprehensive- you don't have to hunt down resources or go looking for help. We have made the A-Z process an A-B process. That's OUR contribution to helping you achieve life-long, financial success. The rest is up to you...

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Self Study Packages

PREMIUM Package ($499):

  • The Playbook®
  • Private Scholarship and Tuition Reimbursement Networks
  • Private Networks in Vogue
    • "Hot" scholarships and TR jobs delivered to your email
  • Videos
  • The Cheat Sheets©
  • Paper Skills:
    • Reviews, edits and revisions of all materials by AIE Experts
    • 5 College applications and essays
    • 3 Scholarship essays
    • 2 Resumes
    • 3 Backyard Benefaction letters
    • Every resume, application and essay edited and ready to win.
  • A copy of Things to do for Cheap or Free! — over 400 ideas

Basic Package Includes ($399):

  • The Playbook®
  • Private Scholarship and Tuition Reimbursement Networks
  • Videos
  • The Cheat Sheets©

The Playbook®

AIE College Playbook

The Cheat Sheet©

The College Cheat Sheet

Private Networks

Private Networks College Scholarships

Video Archives

Video Archives

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