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"Very enlightening! These financial issues have always been so intimidating to me, so I felt far more empowered after attending this intensive.  Also, I felt encouraged by the tangible steps I was provided to improve my financial life."

Brianne Lephron, Fuller Seminary Graduate Student
College Workshops
College Workshop

Empower your students' ongoing financial success all while increasing retention through unveiled insider-secrets and resources of free money to pay for college.

  • 90-minutes gives a lifetime of financial knowledge
  • Never-before-revealed secrets your students NEED TO KNOW to be successful
  • Nothing theoretical. Students walk away with everything they need to get results
  • On-going support through AIE's vast resources

You want to be successful in your personal and professional life- obviously. You might be the most talented artist, journalist, athlete or business person out there, but a college degree ALONE isn't going to get you there- let alone KEEP you there!

What am I talking about? Money. Let's be honest, no one likes to talk about their finances! When was the last time your friend asked how you're doing with the credit card debt you racked up?! NEVER! Normally it's not a sexy topic- but Kyle Shelley, Founder and President of AIE and Vice President Emeritus of Cannon Financial, spices it up by showing you how to have everything you want and pay less for it! This young, 20-something executive, not mom, dad or your economics professor is able to pack life-changing, instantly gratifying, real-world personal finance into just 90 MINUTES!

It's the most entertaining, interactive way you'll ever learn financial life-skills, and it'll ensure that you not only have the education but the means to be successful whatever you do. If you don't think this applies to you- think again!

Check out this link to see for yourself just how entertaining and relevant this event is going to be!


The event is called "College Capitalism" because it's about teaching students to capitalize on their resources, skills and strengths.

Kyle takes the dry and often-overlooked topic of personal finance and brings it to life. This generation has the least amount of understanding surrounding finances and more debt than any other generation in history! The bad news is this; it's perpetually getting worse.

This event tackles a subject that has eluded positive results over the past few decades. Understanding how this generation learns and delivering the content in an unorthodox manner is achieving atypical results.

First, Kyle shows students how to have more and pay less. What this generation wants is to have everything. He provides a new perspective to an old concept by showing how they can have the things they want without going into debt. He helps them understand their credit score through humorous illustrations and by a commonsensical breakdown of its five parts. Then, he teaches them why it's their biggest asset and how to enhance it NOW!

Next, Kyle tackles how they can graduate debt free. The credit card giants prey on college students for the opportunity to cash in on their mistakes. With a background of working with some of the largest credit card issuers across the nation, Kyle provides understanding to why college students are being targeted, the “rules of the game,†and how they can use the banks for their benefit. Kyle opens their eyes to millions of dollars in “free money†for tuition that lays easily accessible, but hidden to most, right in their backyard. Then, he depicts how working smarter, not harder, pays their tuition. With relativity, entertainment, and innovation, AIE bridges the gap between students and authoritative figures, educating in a manner never before seen with results of financial freedom never before realized.

Why Host a Workshop?

The fact that this event provides entertainment, sustainable life skills and immediate financial results might just make this the most impactful event you could bring to your students.

  • Laugh...a lot!
  • Learn...where to find millions in free money for school, how to brand yourself for success and essential financial life-skills
  • Earn...money by immediately applying the skills you learn with the tools you're given
  • Impact...the lives of those who attend by giving them an event that will do more than entertain; it will literally change their lives!
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