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What We do

Increase your services, value & revenue

BLUEPRINT-U is an online turnkey program for college acceptance and funding. White-label BLUEPRINT-U and provide your clients the solution they are looking for.
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Increase enrollment & successful graduates

Want to provide additional financial resources? Use BLUEPRINT-U to attract prospective students, keep current students, and create more successful students.
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Reduce loan default & create loyal members

BLUEPRINT-U protects your student borrowers against loan default. Equip your members to successfully pay off their student loans and win satisfied, lifetime clients.
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BLUEPRINT-U architects college and career success

All In Education designed BLUEPRINT-U to fundamentally change the way America does college. We believe college should be less stressful, more affordable and more successful. BLUEPRINT-U navigates the college direction, selection, admissions and funding process, providing students with a unique blueprint for success.

College is Confusing

  • There are 4,409 colleges in America
  • There are 1664 majors to choose from
  • For every 1 high school counselor, there are 476 students

College is Expensive

  • 4 year public school: $54,400
  • 4 year private school: $145,200
  • Americans have lost nearly 40% of their net worth (2007-2010)

College is Unsuccessful

  • 42% of Students don’t graduate
  • 56% of graduates have jobs that don’t require college degrees
  • 53% of 18-24 year-olds move back in with their parents after graduation
BLUEPRINT-U is the solution
  • $12 million (and counting) in tuition dollars saved with an average family savings of $20,000
  • 100% acceptance into at least one of every student’s top four schools
  • Confidence in major selection and life after college

How It Works

How it works


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What Others Are Saying

I wish I could tell all parents with kids entering and in high school that want to go to college to call you! AIE is a must for parents and students alike!. The old saying “hindsight is 20/20” is so true and in retrospect, I wish I had known about All In Education's BLUEPRINT-U program several years ago.

Debbie Felt Spaletto
BLUEPRINT-U is a legitimate game changer for all things college admissions and financial aid. For families worried about college admissions or the escalating price of college tuition, Blueprint-U has the solution. Being in higher education, I've seen a lot of "solutions", but none that comes close to delivering the tangible results and benefits of Blueprint-U.

Carl Johnson

Director of Campus Activities | University of Denver

All In Education has totally changed my perspective on money, college, careers, and although cheesy, it really has changed my life. BLUEPRINT-U has an amazing team of people who love what they do and give 110% of their effort into their work at ALL times.

Allie Pennington