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Athletic Recruiting Companies

Less than 1% of college athletes get a full scholarship to play at a D1 school.

What happens when you only get a partial athletic scholarship? Where are you going to go for more scholarship money?


  • Our average savings per student athlete is $20,000 from a combination of private scholarships, tuition reimbursement, extra college credits and in-state tuition pricing
  • BLUEPRINT-U can help fill the gap between financial aid the cost of attendance
  • As a Licensee of BLUEPINT-U you can promote and advertise these additional financial resources to better assist your athletes


Out-of-state tuition pricing can be a deal killer for athletes


      • In-State tuition pricing can save thousands every year for students and student athletes. BLUEPRINT-U maps out exactly how to qualify in an easy step-by-step program
      • The BLUEPRINT-U licensee program will provide your athletes with exactly what is needed to secure in-state tuition!
      • Once achieved, your students will receive this savings every year
      • Your athletes will have greater ability to play ball in more states

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