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How it works

Student Profile

  • BLUEPRINT-U™ is tailored to the needs and goals of each individual student
  • All student progress is tracked and stored for secured accessibility anytime, anywhere
  • Auto-alert emails remind students and parents of upcoming deadlines and tasks so they never miss out on an opportunity

  • Personal Branding transforms students into specialists, building upon their innate skills and strengths to chart their collegiate and professional goals for maximized success and satisfaction
  • Students learn to build their “Brand” through majors, jobs, and opportunities, and how to effectively market themselves
Everything You Need To Win

  • Step-by-step instruction and assistance for creating a winning resume, obtaining letters of recommendation, and writing compelling essays
  • Contemporary networking teaches techniques for engaging in personal contact
  • Sample templates guide students through every step in completing a winning application
Choosing a College

  • Simplify the college selection and admissions process
  • Align natural strengths with areas of study (majors)
  • Identify affordable college options with strong programs in desired area(s) of study
  • Use success principles learned through Personal Branding to gain admission into top choice schools
Paying for College

  • Save any family an average of $20,000 off the cost of college – regardless of financial need
  • No loans
  • Gain insider access to tips for winning scholarships and other “free money”
College Credits

  • Obtain college credits through simple proficiency tests administered by Collegeboard through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Let BLUEPRINT-U’s digital flashcards ensure you pass every test
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by testing out of up to 33 general studies classes

  • BLUEPRINT-U’s private scholarship network provides the best, local, unadvertised network of scholarships available to any student
  • Personal Branding makes applying to scholarships easy and more successful
  • Step-by-step strategies take students through scholarship selection, application, essay writing and collecting everything they need to win
Tuition Reimbursement

  • Work smarter in college by using BLUEPRINT-U’s private network of employers that will pay student’s tuition
  • Companies pay both an hourly wage and an average of $3,000- $7,500 per year in tuition reimbursement
  • Save as much as $30,000 working just a few hours/week for one of the 150+ Fortune 1000 employers in our private Tuition Reimbursement network
  • This proprietary network reveals every detail needed, including which companies offer this benefit, how much they offer and how long you have to work there before you can collect this benefit
Everything Money

  • Financial literacy for THIS generation – Learn how the credit score is built, how credit cards work and how to manage money in the “real world”
  • Practical tools to manage money for success during and after college
  • The best money management tools make personal finance easy
Parents and Teachers

  • Forms, facts and expert instruction for every question you have along the way
  • Understand the financial information you are receiving from schools
  • Store any documents your student may need and partner with your student to achieve the best results
Just $399 for 1 YEAR
(That’s about $1/day!)
Gives you ongoing access to all of these resources.


Our Certified Coaches make it quick, easy and successful, maintaining a 90% success rate for admission into students’ top choice schools & saving families an average of $20,000 or more.

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