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customized plans
Growing membership by empowering students to graduate
38% of students who don’t graduate end up in default.”
When students graduate, that number drops to 5%.

Student loan defaults have been on the rise

The key to reducing the odds of a student defaulting on their loans is graduation.

Benefits of using BLUEPRINT-U™:

  • BLUEPRINT-U provides a customized plan for matching skills and strengths with majors and helping students stay on track to graduate
  • BLUEPRINT-U also offers additional financial resources, combating the #1 reason students drop out of college–a lack of money
  • By including BLUEPRINT-U in all of your student loan packages, you will have provided a substantial resource to your students to protect against default
  • Require each student to complete BLUEPRINT-U as part of their loan terms and minimize your risk and your default rate

If a student goes to collections, the odds of creating a long-term member diminish

Offer BLUEPRINT-U to create more long-term members:

  • When a student graduates with a meaningful degree, they are much more likely to get a job and pay back their student loans
  • Additional financial resources means quicker repayment so you can issue new loans
  • When students pay back their loans, they become more valuable members, using more of your services
  • The easiest way to lose a potential long-term customer is to watch them struggle to pay back their student loans and go into default
  • The best way to build a long term customer from an initial student loan is to do everything possible to help them graduate successfully!


to HELP students graduate.