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How many more students would enroll if you provided additional financial resources?
BLUEPRINT-U™ increases your enrollment yield

“How do we increase our enrollment?”

  • When students are deciding on which school is right for them – COST is one of the BIGGEST motivators
  • Additional financial resources will attract and enroll more applicants where cost is a concern
  • BLUEPRINT-U increases retention and graduates more students by matching majors with interests and careers
  • More direction and less student loan debt creates more successful graduates and alumni
  • BLUEPRINT-U adds to your COMPETITIVE advantage over the other schools prospective students are considering
  • You receive a slate of branded marketing material highlighting the benefits of BLUEPRINT-U so your admissions counselors stand out when recruiting
  • The BEST way to increase YIELD is to add more financial value and incentives to your admitted students so they enroll with you!

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